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Here you have a comprehensive collection of books, software and CDs to develop your career in human resources.

Within this website you have easy and direct access to the important sources of information written and produced by HR experts in various disciplines.

Browse these pages to find information and courses relevant to your own requirements. Whether you are exploring the exciting opportunities offered by a human resources career or keeping up to date with recognized best practice methods and procedures you will find the most important books and courses online here.

It's been quite a challenge putting it all together in one place to make it easy for you

Human resources is a major part of successful businesses.  If you work in government services you will know it is considered essential in all areas of public services.

Our job is to make it easy for you to find all the information you need.  Within these pages you will find books and HR courses to help you understand what human resources entails.  You will discover exactly how HR departments operate.

Human resource procedures have developed to best provide the essential services for business success together with the related nomenclature and management processes.

For your career in HR you want the best information and training courses

So we made it easy for you to find what you want.  Not just within these pages but also at our main website http://www.hrtrainingcourses.org where you will find many pages of information to keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the human resources sector.  Plus lots of information all in one place that is otherwise difficult to find.  Take a look; you will find it useful.